In That We Share

Come with me and be my love,all I need is in your eyes,I will give you all you seek,all I am is what you see,what you are, and see in me.

Unit 1 Beginnings

If desire within us be,its outer fringe is what we see.Living, with no limitation,all grows, without expectation.

Unit 2 Sharing

Simplicity without a name,is free from external gain,with no desire and restful, still,all is perfect with free will.

Unit 3A An Introduction

Simplicity without a name,is free from external gain,with no desire and restful, still,all is perfect with free will.

Unit 3B Coming Home 1

As was of old, is so today,for all this passes now away,in all this beautiful array,forms form, never knowing decay.

Unit 3C Coming Home 2

Our species carries seeds of survival,regeneration and revival,Look and see, with compassionate caring,let this be, surrender softly, sharing.

Unit 4 A Lamma Legacy

We are the roots from which the tree grows,the source of life and our seeing,seeding our future before it goes,the reason for our being.

Unit 5 From China

More dreamingCreate a normality enhancing vitality, rearrange for progressive change.Avenues open and available for all,awakening, awareness, answering the call.Feeling complete and part of the whole,our world balanced, in harmony,body and soul.

Unit 6B The Diary

Awareness of a world that is dying,caring, compassion, crying,an existence of transitoryemptiness.

Unit 6C Hellfire Pass

Suffering, part of life when experienced,disappearing when accepted,transcending being,to ultimate reality.

Unit 7 Around Byron

The moon over the BayA translucent lightness,in fullness whiteness, lightening skies,in emptiness brightness, heightening highs,horizons hovering,Earth suspending, time never ending,a pristine purity now transcending,gracefully embracing me and you,the warmth eternal,tenderly softly touchingly true.

Unit 8 The Australian Experience

Always here The dearest freshness, deep and pure,a precious pulse that will endure.Global warming, a new dawning, rebirth and regeneration, sharing soul,as custodians caring, a composite whole. With our Earth still spinning in tuneful space,we live our lives with dignity and grace.

Unit 9 Identity

There is time still, creative willin believing and conceiving,compassion spawning, spreading as it should,bonding together for the common good.

Unit 10 Epilogue

As the cord of life is slowly strangling,we live in cocoons, and are left dangling. Unravel the web to nurture feeling,a love of land, living and healing.Planning prepare, to be fully aware,helping and sharing, being always there.